Introducing NovoTHOR®

Float Milwaukee is the first in the entire state of Wisconsin to offer individual sessions of photobiomodulation therapy (a.k.a. “PBMT”) courtesy of the industry-leading pioneers at NovoTHOR

The new, dedicated area inside our facility will allow you to try it as a stand-alone therapy, or pair one PBMT session before your float as you’ll be in a relaxed state immediately upon laying in our serene waters.

Much like floating (e.g., “isolation chamber”, “water tank therapy”, etc.) you may have heard PBMT called by many names. Some have referred to it as “low-level light therapy” or “red light treatments.” But around here, we’re just calling it “revolutionary.” 

At its core, PBMT involves the application of red and/or near-infrared light to areas of pain, injury, or damage. The result is a photochemical reaction that promotes healing, improves flexibility, kickstarts circulation, and reduces inflammation at the cellular level — all in about 15 minutes. 

PBMT is a proven, FDA-approved therapy thanks to research corroborated by 50-plus academic papers, backed by six Harvard Medical research groups, and studied in more than 500 human trials and 4,000 lab studies at over 30 other universities globally.

15-Minute Sessions


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Tips & Reminders about using NovoTHOR

Do not use NovoTHOR if any are applicable:

  • You weigh 300 lbs or more.
  • You are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • You have any type of cancer.
  • You are pregnant or suspect you may be pregnant.
  • You are extremely sensitive to bright lights or are taking medications that cause sensitivity.
  • You have any open wounds or broken skin not covered by plastic wrap or other bandage. (Use clear wrap to receive the healing benefits of NovoTHOR.)

How to prepare for your NovoTHOR session:

  • Please arrive at least five (5) minutes prior to your scheduled time to ensure you can receive your entire session. If late, we may need to shorten your session time.
  • If you need assistance getting in or out of the NovoTHOR, please bring someone with you who can assist. Float Milwaukee staff are not able to provide this help.
  • All jewelry must be removed. If jewelry is not removable (i.e. wedding right), it must be covered with a bandage or other wrap to prevent scratching of NovoTHOR’s acrylic panels.
  • Eye glasses must be removed. Additionally, it is recommended that contact lenses be removed as the session may cause eye dryness.
  • If your hair is dyed, it is recommended to put it up. You must use the headrest to ensure no dye stains NovoTHOR’s acrylic panels.
  • Ensure hair is completely dry prior to your session. Hair dryers are available, if needed.
  • Float Milwaukee recommends using NovoTHOR completely nude to obtain maximum benefit. The light does not penetrate through clothing.

Looking for More?

Feeling adventurous? Try one of these offers below…

Overnight Float

 The 1st Friday of the month, you and up to 5 guests can float the whole night.


Experience the benefits of consistent floating and get a discount for it.

Gift Cards

Floats make great gifts for all occasions. Give the gift of relaxation and healing.

Additional Options/Hours

Additional options/hours may be available—please contact us for more information and pricing.

Cancellation and No Show Policy

Cancellations made more than 24 hours before the appointment time will result in a full refund being issued or stored session being replenished. Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the appointment time and no shows will result in the full charge with no refund or the usage of a stored session.

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