Should I Choose a Pod or Pool?

When considering float therapy, people wonder if a float pod or pool is better. Float Milwaukee offers both. If this is your first time floating it can result in indecision, because you want the best possible floating experience your money can provide.

Both the enclosed float tank (float pod), and an open pool have their own private rooms. Here’s how to know what’s best for you so you can choose which is best for you.

What is a Float Pod?

The pod is what most people think of when they think of floating. Our pods are 7′ 1″ (85 inches) long and about 4′ 6″ (55 inches) wide in an oval shape. There is a hydraulic lid that you pull down as you get in. They are domed, so even if the lid is closed all the way, you can still sit up and reach your arms up before you will touch it. There aren’t any latches on the tank doors, and you can easily push the door open and get out any time.

The most immediate concern new floaters have about the pods, is the feeling of claustrophobia. Note it is extremely rare that this is actually an issue by the time the float is finished. The pods give you plenty of room to move around. You can sit up and rotate inside the pod with ease.

The inside of the pod tends to approach 100% humidity during your float, though you should feel temperature indifferent after a few minutes as the water, air, and your body regulates to a common temperature.

What is a Float Pool?

The float pool differs from the pod in two major ways. First, the pools have a larger floating area. People come in all shapes and sizes. And since you want to do the best you can to not touch the sides of the pod or pool, a larger area will prevent this unwanted contact.

If you feel you need more room, the pool could be a better option for you. If you are much taller than the average individual, you may find more comfort in the pool.

The second main feature of the float pool, is that is is circular and without an enclosure. You are still in a temperature controlled room, but lying in an open pool. There can be slight variations to the temperature of the air versus the water in an open pool that are more easily controlled in a pod with the lid.

Are they wheelchair accessible?

We are wheelchair accessible into the float rooms. Additionally, room 3 has an ADA handheld shower. A portable ADA shower bench is also available if needed or desired. The pods themselves have a wide lip to provide the ability to sit and swing over into the pod. If you are unsure whether or not you may need assistance, please bring someone with you who can help get you into and/or out of the pod. They are welcome to stay in the room or relax in the lobby while waiting for the float to finish.

Which should I choose?

When you lay still and are relaxed, the only movement is your breathing. The tiny movements from your inhalation and exhalation creates tiny waves or ripples from the body that bounce off the sides of the pod or pool. A self-centering effect is created by the return waves.

This means that both pods and pools should provide you plenty of room without bumping the walls when you are in a relaxed state (though the pool will allow extra room).

And that leaves the question up to you as a matter of preference. All the rooms are great and you cannot really go wrong. If you are someone who is very tall or dislikes extreme humidity, you may want to try a pool. If you are average height and want the full enclosed experience or you are extremely sensitive to temperature, you may want to try a pod.

Each person is different, and we suggest you try both over time to see what works best for you.

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