UWM Student and Alumni Special

See what 60-minutes in a float tank can do for you.
Save 50% on float therapy – Get two 60-minute floats for $75

Classes. Sports. Finals. Social pressures. Student stress is a growing concern…

A recent study from the University of California* found that the number of college students reporting stress-related anxiety is “epidemic,” and has more than doubled in the last decade.

Want to de-stress, rejuvenate, and improve your focus?

Float Milwaukee offers healing, revitalizing floatation tank therapy right in the heart of the city. Medical research shows that just 60 minutes in the crystal-clear, mineral-rich waters of our private float suites can heal and energize as much as a good night’s sleep.

Get the edge you need to be competitive. You can purchase the student and alumni deal right on this page. You can also book your float by calling (414) 273-7258, or messaging us on Facebook.

This is a limited time deal. Limit one per customer. Must provide student ID when you arrive for your float. Alumni must provide proof of attendance at the time of your float.


*Richard Scheffler, UC-Berkeley, 2019

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