How Frequent Floating Rejuvenates the Body

Astronauts talk about what it feels like to leave Earth’s gravity for the first time, something between euphoria and completely natural.

Given that we’re glued to the Earth’s surface, humans are hard-pressed to even understand such a weightless experience. But what if you could? Would you do it? What if such an experience was in your backyard (or just up the road)?

As it turns out, floating works like that. The increased buoyancy from the Epsom salt in the water creates a weightlessness similar to drifting in zero gravity (of course, it’s not a perfect simulation)! This helps those who float potentially reach that state of euphoria.

And when a person floats frequently, their body begins to exhibit the benefits. Some of the benefits are short term, while others serve the body for the long term.

So, if you’re ready to learn more, settle in with us because we’re going to highlight some of the biggest benefits to frequent floating.

Driving Back Chronic Pain

How does floating ease chronic pain? As it turns out, gravity is pretty hard on our bodies. When a person floats, pressure is taken off their ligaments, joints, and muscles. By reducing the pressure these parts of the body have a chance to loosen up and rest themselves. Since they don’t ask for breaks, floating is a great way to take the load off them and give your mind a chance to rest as well!

Chronic pain takes a toll on the body, as well as the mind. By choosing to float frequently both the mind and the body get to recharge.

Better Sleep

Fatigue and pain are some of the biggest reasons people lay awake at night. Since frequent floating relaxes the muscles, joints, and ligaments, sleep is more easily achieved. Floating helps your body wind-down and relax which is the perfect recipe for sleep to come easily.

What’s the reason for this wind-down effect? On top of a loosened body, floating encourages deep breathing, which prompts airways and blood vessels to open up. When the body is functioning the way it's meant to, the natural recharging mechanisms work how they should.

Reduced Stress and Blood Pressure

The minerals in Epsom salt stimulate lower blood pressure. However, that’s not the only way it lowers stress and blood pressure. Being able to relax the mind stimulates a reduction in cortisol—the stress chemical our body creates.

Steady breathing, which lowers the heart rate + relaxation, which lowers cortisol + Epsom salt = an overall healthier body. That sounds like a pretty great deal, right?

Closing Thoughts

When you float often and consistently, you get to partake in the short term benefits like better sleep and lower stress. The long term benefits also stack up! Lower blood pressure over time, a better heart rate, and an overall more relaxed body is good for your longevity.*

Until then… we hope to see you around at Float Milwaukee!

*Floating CAN help alleviate symptoms and pain. Floating is NOT a cure for arthritis, inflammatory diseases, serious mental health disorders, heart disease, and other ailments. Make sure you see a doctor if you’re experiencing intense chronic pain, along with any abnormal symptoms or mental states.

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