The Power of Nothing – Great Self-Care Starts with Doing Nothing

The Power of Nothing – Great Self-Care Starts with Doing Nothing

There’s a popular joke making the rounds online lately. The overall gist of it is this:

“What are you doing this weekend?”


“Oh, cool. So you’re free to hang out, then.”

“Sorry…I meant I’m doing NOTHING. That’s my plan. And I’m really looking forward to it.”

It’s a gag, but it makes a good point.

Let’s face it: the universe has been a tough place to live lately. Anxiety, worry, and stress are at all-time highs. Because of that, outlets for self-care are also on the rise.

But even self-care these days carries a measure of strain. We’re doing yoga. Pilates. Hiking. Heading to spas for skin treatments and manicures, and the gym for lifting and spin class. Buying low-carb meal kits and joining weight-control programs. It’s a LOT.

And sure – all of these are no doubt valuable to our well-being. But why is stress relief so stressful in and of itself? Between the pressure of yogis guiding poses, tyrannical trainers and restrictive recipes, finding relief can be an uphill climb. Especially if your mentor points toward the elliptical.

Clearly, there’s one big thing that a lot of our well-being routines are missing.

And that big thing is…nothing.

Imagine a space where you can shut out the clamor of the outside world. Completely close the door on the constant hum and buzz of life’s demands. Take time for yourself to just…be.

Now, stop imagining.

Float Milwaukee is your personal paradise; an oasis of calm in a world full of noise. At Float, you’ll enter an individual space where you can truly relax. Cast off weights and pressures of the physical, emotional, and mental variety. Take the time to focus on you with no distractions, and no expectations. You’ll have the time and space to hit the pause button on, well…everything.

The popular term may be “sensory deprivation,” but you’re not being deprived of anything. Instead, you’re being offered something truly valuable: the power of nothing. Which is really something, when you think about it.

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